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About the Loyal Order of Ludicrum

The Loyal Order of Ludicrum (LOoL) was created in 2009 with the goal in mind to bring together like-minded first person shooter gamers from around the globe and multiple game types. It is LOoL’s mission to provide them a Home Base (Website/TeamSpeak) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, interests, teamwork, tactical gameplay, we well as providing an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in an online community.

Over the years we have forged friendships and have become like a family. Joining LOoL is joining a family. We take care of each other whether it be helping choose new components to your PC, or sending you a "Get Well Soon" basket if you fall ill.

We are a Loyal Order of Gamers and we hold those traits associated with loyalty in high regard. We like to have fun, goof off, and we hold our server rules dear to us as they were one of the factors that helped create LOoL. LOoL's goal of bringing like-minded individuals together in FPS games was in-part created because of the unique play-style that LOoL embraces. An "as-close-to-how-it-would-actually-be" tactical game-play style. So, instead of Run and Gun, we aim to move tactically (walking) and behave as if we were really there on the battlefield. Our server rules help to create that atmosphere.

We invite you to give it a try, you never know - it may be something to add to your repertoire of game play.

>>>You can view our rules here<<<

Total Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay hours and Street Fighter 5's new character reveal. Plus, new special edition Xbox One bundle and pre-order program for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets cancelled.
Published Oct 1, 2015
Microsoft has let an internal studio go indie -- and everyone wins.
Published Oct 1, 2015
What happens when Shin Megami Tensei and Earthbound have a baby?
Published Oct 1, 2015
The White Xbox One is Back And this time it comes with Gears of War Ultimate. This is the first time I've seen it back on sale since October of last year, when it was bundled with Sunset Overdrive. Rise of the Tomb Raider Is $50 On Xbox...
Published Oct 1, 2015
Lead designer at Crystal Dynamics, Mike Brinker, has confirmed that there will be plenty to do in Rise of the Tomb Raider.
Published Oct 1, 2015
The deluxe edition of One Piece: Unlimited World Red is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 29. Originally released as a DS title in 2013, the game then appeared on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U. This deluxe version, ...
Published Jul 21, 2017
Full Throttle Remastered released earlier this year on PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC, and now it's available on iOS for just $4.99.  Full Throttle is a classic LucasArts adventure game from 1995 that creator Tim Schafer and Double...
Published Jul 21, 2017
During Comic Con, a teaser was released for the upcoming sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and much like the trailer for the first film (and the film itself) it features a familiar voice. In the original film Ellen McLain, who voiced GLaDOS...
Published Jul 21, 2017
NPD Group has released its monthly industry sales report and overall video game sales are trending upwards. Total video game spending rose seven percent from June 2016. Hardware and software sales increased compared to last year, but spe...
Published Jul 20, 2017
The famously difficult Stormy Ascent level, which was cut from the original Crash Bandicoot, has finally been re-insterted into the game as DLC for the N. Sane Trilogy. You can check out a trailer for the sort of new level below, and a...
Published Jul 20, 2017
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