The LOoL Clan is a tactical gaming clan. These are our rules and reasons why we play the way we do.
This post contains the detail of each rule and the explanations we are often asked to provide. If you have a question, start a new thread in this our General Discussion forum or use our Contact Us form.

No Run and Gun:
Clarification: You may walk upright, crouch or move in prone. No continuous or repeated sprinting.
Sprinting is allowed for these reasons:[/color]
  • If under fire
  • Avoiding a grenade (vehicle etc)
  • Across a short distance to revive a teammate
  • To traverse a known sniper lane (i.e. across a road or small gap between buildings...not across an entire field)
Explanation: No one can run at full speed with a large amount of equipment over any terrain. Neither do those who play on our server. This requires more strategy and carefulness that many gamers don't have to employ when running everywhere. In the exceptions, these are definite cases where sprinting is expected in the real world.

No Profanity or Vulgarity:
Clarification: Repeated swearing or use of sexual or racial slurs will result in a permanent ban.

No Glitching:
Clarification: The use of cheats such as bunny hopping, pee-pee dancing, wall hacks, map glitches and aim-bots are prohibited.
  • "Bunny Hopping" describes any jumping that you wouldn't see in real-world combat.
  • "Pee-Pee Dancing" is when a player moves left right, left right to avoid being fired at.
  • "Wall hacks and map glitches" describe unintentional mistakes of the developers that allow a person to shoot though other objects without being seen.
  • "Aim-bots and Hacks" modify the game client to give a player an unfair advantage.
Explanation: All of these are different forms of cheating attempting to use internet lag or other problems to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players.

Play the Game Type:
Clarification: Play with a goal of progressing your team toward victory within the game type. If you don't know how, ask.

Do not spawn camp an Un-Capturable Base:
Clarification: The Un-Capturable main Base (UCB) is intended to be the point of reinforcements for each team and is out of bounds (OOB) for the opposing team.
Explanation: While it may be realistic, it isn't fun.

Don't Set Explosives Near Objectives:
Clarification: Do not plant an explosive on a stationary object close enough to injure someone at the objective. You can place it on the tank the soon-to-be injured person is in, but not on the ground near the objective.
Explanation: In real life you would worry about killing your team members more by placing explosives on a target they may trip. Not only is it cheap, but likely to kill your team members also.

Do Not Kill Teammates:
Clarification: Intentionally killing teammates for any reason is prohibited. if for some reason you accidentally killed a teammate, you must type a formal apology. For example: sorry for the tk John Doe

No Blind Grenade/Rocket/M320 Spamming
Clarification: Do not fire a Grenade/Rocket/M320 without first seeing an intended target.
Explanation: In real-world combat the use of grenades and launchers would only be used if there was a confirmed target to avoid friendly fire.

Additional Information for Non-Members:
LOol Clan has an active and involved administrative staff. When a problem is encountered in game, teamspeak, or the forums, there are multiple ways to contact an administrator for assistance.
for example:
in-game text: admin John Doe is sprinting.
Team Speak: say admin: John Doe is sprinting.
This may not result in immediate action, but will make sure we are monitoring them closer.[/color]