Thank you for taking the time to view our rules below. If you have any questions or need clarification, please, feel free to post on our forums or contact us. A member can then help to clarify or explain any rule to you there. 

For more information and explanations, please read this thread on our forums.

Disclaimer: Many of these rules were written when our main endorsed game was the Battlefield series, please read through this and use common-sense in applying these rules on our server. If you still have a question, ask a LOoL member, or use the contact us link above. Thank you.

No Run and Gun:
Clarification: You may walk upright, crouch or move in prone. No continuous or repeated sprinting.
  Sprinting is allowed for these reasons: 
  • If under fire
  • Avoiding a grenade (vehicle etc)
  • Across a short distance to revive a teammate
  • To traverse a known sniper lane (i.e. across a road or small gap between buildings...not across an entire field)

No Profanity or Vulgarity:
Clarification: Repeated swearing or use of sexual or racial slurs will result in a permanent ban.

No Glitching:
Clarification: The use of cheats such as bunny hopping, pee-pee dancing, wall hacks, map glitches and aim-bots are prohibited.
  • "Bunny Hopping" describes any jumping that you wouldn't see in real-world combat.
  • "Pee-Pee Dancing" is when a player moves left right, left right to avoid being fired at.
  • "Wall hacks and map glitches" describe unintentional mistakes of the developers that allow a person to shoot though other objects without being seen.
  • "Aim-bots and Hacks" modify the game client to give a player an unfair advantage.

Play the Game Type:
Clarification: Play with a goal of progressing your team toward victory within the game type. If you don't know how, ask.

Do not spawn camp an Un-Capturable Base:
Clarification: The Un-Capturable main Base (UCB) is intended to be the point of reinforcements for each team and is out of bounds (OOB) for the opposing team.

Don't Set Explosives Near Objectives:
Clarification: Do not plant an explosive on a stationary object close enough to injure someone at the objective. You can place it on the tank the soon-to-be injured person is in, but not on the ground near the objective.

Do Not Kill Teammates:
Clarification: Intentionally killing teammates for any reason is prohibited. if for some reason you accidentally killed a teammate, you must type a formal apology.

For example: sorry for the tk John Doe

No Blind Grenade/Rocket/M320 Spamming:
Clarification: Do not fire a Grenade/Rocket/M320 without first seeing an intended target.

Additional Information for Non-Members:
LOoL Clan has an active and involved administrative staff. When a problem is encountered in game, teamspeak, or the forums, there are multiple ways to contact an administrator for assistance.

For example:
In-game text: type "admin John Doe is sprinting."
TeamSpeak: say "admin: John Doe is sprinting."
This may not result in immediate action, but will make sure we are monitoring them closer.